These are the poems I wrote that I felt were worth keeping.  They were written in high school and college.  Dates shown are start and finish dates.

The title "Thowra's Country" comes from one of my favorite childhood books, Elyne Mitchell's "Silver Brumby" series. The silver stallion Thowra was her main character, around which the series was written.

When I started collecting my poetry, I created a "notebook" out of a folder, using half-sheets of legal sized paper with two holes punched on the left side and held together with a fastener so that I could turn the pages like a book. All the entries were done in calligraphy, which I taught myself by simply doing. The folder which made up the cover and back of the "notebook" was reinforced by gluing pictures (or it might have been a cut-up poster) of horses, which served the dual purpose of thickening and reinforcing the cover/back and making it pretty.

In Elyne Mitchell's series, "Thowra's Country" was the mountainous region of Southern Australia in which the wild horses, or brumbies, roamed free, over which the silver stallion Thowra reigned as King. I saw my poetry book as the wild country in which my imagination could roam free, without fetters, so I thought it was a fitting title, and the obscurity of the reference made it mysterious and romantic too.

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